When’s the last time you read something—uninterrupted, by choice, in its entirety, and you liked it? 

Did it involve green eggs and ham, a dystopian fight to the death or 50 shades? Me too, but only Dr. Seuss. I watched the Hunger Games movie and 50 Shades of Gray seeped into my pores — chemical warfare I suppose.

Content consumption used to be linear, opt-in and deliberate. As adults, we’d choose content that inspired, entertained or changed us in some meaningful way. We didn’t measure whether our eggs were colored, our arrows sharp or our…shades were gray? (I didn’t “read” it remember?)

Shades of Green and Gray

After only a week of writing, and loosely circulating my creations, I can say with certainty that Content Marketing is Dead. (Capital letters = decree.)

Culturally, I launched myself into the blogosphere at the wrong time. Today, online browsing reminds me of the way I felt when the emergency broadcast system interrupted Sesame Street and I thought “stop that cacophony, even Big Bird isn’t worth this!”

Today, instead of a single message, EBS, interrupting a single channel, PBS, interruption is a social norm. (With our current president, we don’t need a national alarm system to know our country is in grave danger.)

A glut of well distributed, SEO-optimized, pseudo-tutorial crap is making online curation unmanageable. Because I understand this to be true, I take no offense when my blood relatives have “no time,” to read my posts. With 2 parents, 3 sisters, and a few great friends, 6 likes should be a layup, right?

If you’ve read this far either I’ll assume you picked the wrong line at Costco, you want something from me, or you’re the one sister I guilted into reading my stuff. Oh, and her boyfriend — hi Chris! For the rest of you, send me an email and we can schedule a time to talk. I’m done writing for the day, moving on to my next Most Leveraged Yes. (Gratuitous plug #3 for Lifehack Bootcamp — it’s life-changing.)

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