Creating a data-driven marketing strategy is not for the faint of heart.

Hackers, Ninjas or Growers are typically channel, tool or platform experts. Real growth requires critical thinking, constant learning, and proven flexibility. As the pace of innovation increases, the shelf life of knowledge decreases and businesses are struggling to adapt. Rapid changes in competitors, traction channels, and consumer behavior test our assumptions daily. We think about marketing, product and business in a new framework — it’s called the Lean Startup, and I can help you achieve it.

My guiding principles:

  1. The Lean Startup era has arrived. Embrace it or die!
  2. Customers own your brand and your fate.
  3. Forget everything you know about marketing.
  4. Marketing must be integrated with product, engineering and sales.
  5. All departments must align to a single Key Performance Indicator (KPI).
  6. The company narrative, or story, is a critical component of marketing in all phases of testing and growth. All other channel knowledge can be outsourced.
  7. Marketing programs must be customized based upon business objectives.

My goal is to help you achieve your business objectives in record time. Whether you’re a startup company testing product market fit or a public company developing a new product, I find ways to put $1 into marketing and get $5 out.

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